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  1. Maon U Dali, I am a die-hard Liverpool fan as well as “less-die-hard-than-Liverpool” fan of your blog. At first I feel very incensed with your “19” post, and I could fully udtresnand how ramsyll feel (and I almost wanted to forward all the nastiest words on this planet I can think of towards your site to vent my frustration ! 🙂 … as you know I did not…phews ! After seeing your honesty and gut of publishing whatever ramsyll’s nasty replies (resort to greeting your beloved parents etc – that I won’t do as the most I will call you “hum sup” only 🙂 ), instead of hiding or deleting them, you earn my respect and I just want to ask for a sumple favour from Moan U Dali :-“Do not run away but face the music openly when one day Mighty Red thrash Red Devil in any future matches …. or when Mighty Red claim their 20th title ! ( whisper :- I know it is very tough but give me a moment to regain some dignity for all Liverpool fans, ok ? ) 🙂 You Will Never Blog Alone !!!!


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