Four Reasons Why Falcao Will Fail at Chelsea

By Doni June Almio

Injury Concerns                 

Falcao has been through a series of injuries that include a thigh injury while he was in playing in Monaco and also an ACL injury that made him miss the 2014 World Cup. Falcao also suffered a calf injury while on-loan at Manchester United that sidelined him for almost a month. These injuries will still haunt Falcao in Chelsea as they did at Manchester United. Injuries at such a late stage of a players career are harder to fully recover from and Chelsea already experienced this with Fernando Torres.

Statistics and Age

Radamel Falcao is already 29 years old. This means he is past his prime as far as the age for a striker in the EPL is concerned. According to a study conducted by Mirror, a footballer’s prime age in EPL is 27. Keeping this study in mind, teams in the EPL have been buying footballers who are aged 27 and below. Even though Chelsea have only loaned Falcao, the Blue Lions would have been better off giving a chance to a youngster rather than Falcao.

Mourinho’s Playing Style

                  The Portuguese manager is known for his resilient defensive and counter-attacking philosophy. Falcao won’t fit in with this style. He must be able to hold the ball and pass back to the midfielder. He had little success with this passing back to the midfielders at Manchester United. Among the strikers of the Red Devils, Falcao has the least success rate in building up the connection between the strikers and midfielders. The playing style of Mourinho requires such striker-midfielder link up play.

Loss of Confidence

                  Even though he has a point to prove in the EPL, let’s face it, he will never be the same after having a bad first season in the league. Considering his performance last season, Falcao has an uphill task to prove his worth. These doubts may actually be carried onto the pitch and hamper his performance.


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