North London is white, wait spurs are surrendering already?

By Petko Stoyanov

Ahhh, it’s this time of the year again – medication and therapy are working and Spurs fans have somehow forgotten last year’s disappointment and are ready to suffer. AGAIN. They enjoy life and start having the cruel thoughts they could finish above Arsenal for the first time since … err I don’t think anyone remembers that, probably Liverpool fans with their love of history. The bubble is starting to grow and we all know what’s going to happen at the end. Poor Spuds, you’ll never learn.  At least their “own” Harry Kane is the emerging star on English football (unless he plays for the U21 English team, but who cares he’s shite for his country, right) and his commitment to Spurs is beyond any doubt. Except for the fact he was celebrating the Arsenal title in 2004 LOL Looking forward to see you fail again, North London is white … yeah, right!



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  1. ramsyll,this is the last time i will entertain yr silly rtteros on football…obviously u r not a football fan… throwing mud at each other, sledging and hammering is all part of the fun.. when MU got whacked many times before, we get shit thrown at us all the fkin time, do we react like u did??? my god, u r like a principal at school … football is passion and overheated emotions… of course u are allowed to call ppl idiots and ass… see how players call each other fuckers, wankers… its not that they meant it deep inside, its the game … true fans will know its part of receiving n giving… i dont know what yr problem is…MU fans would not have mentioned the fucking 19 number so vociferously IF the Liverpool fuckers did not throw that shit at us every fucking time we won something… “talk to us at the perch when u get 18… blah blah”welll azzzz… we r there and bettered it… now u tell me the Kops did not at least deserve some shit thrown at them…???Gracious winners, puhleese… fuck me again.


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