Why Petr Cech will succeed at Arsenal Football Club

By Doni June Almio

Something to Prove

                After losing his long-time number one goalkeeping position at Chelsea to Thibaut Courtois, Petr Cech will be looking to prove that he still deserves to be considered as one of the top goalkeepers in the English Premier League. Starting anew at Arsenal, this transfer is his shot at proving just that. Cech will be looking to prove that his age is not a hindrance to his goalkeeping skills and show Chelsea that their decision to make him a back-up goalkeeper was a wrong one.

Stability in Defense

                Petr Cech’s arrival in Arsenal will bring stability to Arsenal’s defense. The defenders will learn from the veteran goalkeeper. Not only that, being a long time goalkeeper in the league, Cech has the ability to become a good defensive general. This will impact Arsenal’s defense and the clubs chances of winning the premiership this season because this will be the first time (be honest Arsenal fans) that the gunners will have a trusted and stable goalkeeper since Jens Lehmann back in 2008.

Veteran Experience

                Having won 13 trophies with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Cech’s experience may bring courage and new insights to Arsenal’s players as well as the coaching staff. Being the defensive anchor of Chelsea in previous title winning campaigns, Cech’s knowledge on how to handle pressures in big games will boost Arsenal’s chance of winning the 2015-2016 season league title. His long career in the EPL allows him to be a valuable asset for Arsenal in their goal to win the premiership. Arsene Wenger might just have found the missing piece to mount a serious title run this year.

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  1. Good thing you didn’t mention some of our previous goalkeepers and their stunts. *face palm*


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