Community Shield preview: Jose Mourinho brings his A game.

By Shaukat Hamdani

Chelsea begin their title defense almost a week from now but before they do that they have this small matter of a clash with London rivals Arsenal. Chelsea even have a friendly with Fiorentina scheduled after their community shield clash with Arsenal which begs the question what kind of frame of mind will Chelsea be when they take on Arsenal on Sunday. Will the community shield be just another friendly for the players? Another game to prepare themselves for what really matters, the season opener against Swansea.

But no matter what the players are feeling one person who seems to be totally up for it is Jose Mourinho. The Chelsea manager has brought out his full arsenal (no pun intended, ok maybe it was intended) of mind games in the lead up to the game. From pointing at Arsenal for “selling out” and going against their principle and buying big to saying Hazard played better then Ronaldo last year. Funny thing is even most Chelsea fans don’t take him seriously and he knows it. But we love the fact that more often then not he achieves exactly what he wants. With the Hazard comment he wanted to lift the confidence of his star player and well Hazards goal against Barcelona seems to be evidence that Mourinho was able to achieve his goal.

But the special one saved his special swipes for Arsenal and most Chelsea fans are probably ROFLAO at the fact that Arsenal fans got so riled by the comments that they started bringing up stats from sky sports etc. LOL. Playing exactly into the hands of Mourinho. Fact is Mourinho did spend big before and he still spent a decent amount last year, but if it was just about money Liverpool should have been running away with the league the past few years and LVG would be 100% guaranteed to lift the title at the end of the year.

It’s fine though Arsenal fans have their fall back excuse for failure ready with them. It’s the artistic card. Oh Chelsea win badly we play football like art. Well while I love art also this is a sport not an arts competition. I like style but I prefer substance to style in the world of sports. Its like picking the most stylish car in an F1 race even if it comes in fourth and being like well the winning car was ugly we have a very classy car which raced beautiful. Kind of missing the point there right?

One thing I will say though it’s going to be hard seeing Cech in the Arsenal goal. All sides handled this transfer saga really respectfully and in a very professional manner. And I still love Cech he is a true Chelsea legend, but for tomorrow I hope he let’s the ball roll under his legs or something.

On paper Chelsea should win it. Arsenal has had the better transfer dealings this year but the gap last year was really wide between the two. And Jose cannot win every match ever against Wenger. Something has to give eventually. So I would rather lose the community shield to Arsenal then lose a game during the regular season.



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