First blood to Arsenal

By James Folsom

Arsenal beats defending champion Chelsea one week before the title defense begins? Is this a sign that Chelsea is not up to the task. Also, is this Arsenal serving notice that they will be a serious championship contender? Finally beating a Mourinho coached team should give Arsenal a lot of confidence going into the Premier League season.

Of course Chelsea fans will say that this week was just Chelsea looking ahead to their Premier League season and not taking this match seriously. But I doubt a team like Arsenal gets less than a team’s best effort no matter what.
We will have our answers soon enough though. It is GAME WEEK PEOPLE!! Finally! Now we can get down to some serious smack talk.
Who have you got this week? Stay tuned here for my picks as the matches get closer. I know I am supposed to be unbiased as a staff writer, but like you I have a favorite team. It is not Chelsea or Arsenal. I am neutral on them. I am however glad to see that Arsenal won. It just makes the start of the season that much more interesting.

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  1. Arsenal for the league 😀


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