OFFICIAL: Di Maria to PSG! Louis, the Dictator!

By Junaid Tariq

Manchester United has officially announced the sale of last season’s “marquee” signing Angel Di Maria for a reported fee of £44.3m to Paris Saint-Germain. The Red devil fans need a good reason to defend the player’s unsuccessful spell that was bought for British record fee (£59.7m). They chose to blame the player and called him a “quitter” rather than making a case about another classic example of poor man management skill right from the book of Louis Van Gaal. A dictator, who has had made a mockery of star players in his managerial career. He has now proved that he will not change even during the end of his career. Despite tasting great success, Louis has switched jobs for a reason. In Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Netherland, the Dutchman has managed elite players but he has failed to carry any club’s culture for a long term. Falling out with star players and showing arrogance in critical stage of the season are two of the major setbacks in his personality.

Di Maria is the same player who was praised for fighting his way back in to the team after Mesut Ozil made the Arsenal switch. The left-footed winger won fan’s heart by winning their priceless 10th Champions League medal before being shipped away by Perez after being accused of being too ugly to be considered the club’s Galactico. As much as I hate the club’s legendary Scottish manager Alex Ferguson, he wouldn’t have let this happened as confidence of the manager is key for such elite players. In this case, Van Gaal didn’t even know the location of his star player after Copa America. The non-stop praise of Louis for his arrogance in the press is getting boring now and it will get on the nerves of the club’s fans once they start losing again. The delusional fans of the Manchester club are getting confused when they taste a setback in their current manager’s era. With Fellaini as their Plan B star attacker now, Di Maria out of the sinking ship, Valdes being ridiculed already despite playing only two games for the club and crazy money spent to make the dictator happy; the fans are running out of scapegoats and the next axe must fall on Van Gaal if they don’t make it this season.

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