Manchester City show the rest how it’s done

By James Folsom

37 more like this one! WOW! That could not have gone any better for City! If that was a boxing match they would have stopped it at 59′. West Brom didn’t put up any kind of a fight so maybe it was a combination of City playing well and West Brom looking like a candidate for relegation.

That’s the thing about the opening week. We only have that match to go on and there are still 37 of them to play. But so far, it looks great for City. Two points clear of Chelsea with a match against them coming up. Chelsea will be forced to use their back up goalkeeper. Arsenal laid an egg. Man U was lucky and so was Liverpool.
The home opener against Chelsea will be a huge home opener for City next Sunday. Hopefully they can end the day with a five point lead over Chelsea. I know I’n not supposed to be biased but like you, I have my favorite team.
Let the Chelsea vs City trash talking begin!

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