Manchester City thrash Chelsea, make statement

By James Folsom

Great game for City fans! Man City is serving notice that it is an even numbered year and City owns those. The final score of 3-0 was not an indication of how good the game was though. Hats off to the Chelsea back up goalkeeper. He played a great game or the score could really have been ugly. But two shots bounce off the post and go in. Nothing he can do there.

Aguerro played fantastic. Kompany has goals in two straight matches. Fernandinho had a great shot! That’s a whole lot of weapons. I am a City fans so I am a bit biased but this team looks like they might also make a nice Champions League run. I sure hope so.
If you are a Chelsea fan, remember when I told you that defending the title is a lot tougher than winning it? You see what I mean? You have a target on your back now. Teams are coming out fired up to play you. You were lucky not to be down 1-0 right off the bat today.

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