Manchester United trying to downplay Pedro loss. LOL

By  James Folsom

Congrats are in order to Manchester United for winning the first leg of their Champions League pairing with Club Brugge 3-1. Who is Club Brugge? Never heard of them until yesterday. Depay scored twice to help win the game. Good job Man U.

But all was not good news though for United as Chelsea beat them to Pedro Rodriguez. Man U is downplaying this, saying they really did not need Pedro. Since they have a five point lead over Chelsea they may have a point. But to let Chelsea get him surely makes them a tougher team then they already are. And United still has to face this team twice unlike City who only has to play them once. Perhaps they should have gone after him of for no other reason then to stop Chelsea from getting him. They may wind up regretting this down the road. Yes, Man U, you blew that one!
Now they seem to be interested in some Southampton player? LOL

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