Reality check for Manchester United

By James Folsom
Man U fans, forget about it. You won’t win the Premier League this year. In
fact, you are going to have a tough time qualifying for the Champions
League. Yes, you have seven points in three matches. Yes, there are a lot
of teams who would kill for that. But, in three matches you have scored
twice. One of those was by a guy on the other team.
You have no offense. Even in a game as low scoring as football, you still
have to score once in a while. At some point, you will be scored upon. If
you cannot answer, well, you can do the math.

The facts are Man U has two 1-0 wins over Tottenham who couldn’t hold the
lead today against Leicester City for 30 seconds, and Aston Villa who lost
today to Crystal Palace and has a 0-0 draw with Newcastle who is -2 after
three matches. That’s not exactly Murderer’s Row. If you can’t score on
those teams then how can you expect to beat City? Or Arsenal? Or even

Right now, after having to go on the road to face Club What’s-their-name in
mid-week, I have doubts about going on the road and even holding Swansea to
a draw. Then you got Liverpool the following week? This is going to get
ugly for you.

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