Chelsea win finally but champions are far from convincing

By Iftakhar Sheikh

There is a saying that “Money Can’t Buy You Happiness” and that’s what is happening with Chelsea at the moment. A Club with a Team Value of $1,370 lying 9th in the table, well below Leicester City who are second in the the League!!
Mourinho currently is the highest paid manager in the World with a salary of £13.2 million annual. In the past, he was fired in 2007 from Chelsea and it might happen again if their School Bus doesn’t start working soon. Chelsea Owner and one of the richest men in the world Roman Abramovich might wonder what went wrong this season.
Diego Costa has recovered, Chelsea signed Falcao and then hijacked Pedro this week. So everything should be going good for Chelsea except the School Bus doesn’t seem to be working as they have conceded 7 goals in 3 games. Or maybe it is the “Lady Luck” which Eva Carneiro brought to the team last season but now while Eva is demoted, Lady Luck is not working properly.

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