Liverpool fans ready for Arsenal clash, but is Liverpool FC ready?

By Iftakhar Sheikh

Liverpool won their last league title in 1990, when Sterling(maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned him lol), Teixeira and Coutinho were not even born.
Now this season, two wins against average sides and Liverpool fans have started labeling them as the next EPL Champions. But Soccer is not a hollywood film, where you have to strive to create happy endings.
We saw the same story in 2013 when Liverpool played extra-ordinary in the first few fixtures but to maintain their new identity of chokers they let Manchester City lift the title. Now with Gerrard gone who is going to bring leadership to the team? Henderson? lol
Apart From Gerrard, in recent times Liverpool has been short of true club players, like Giggs, Maldini and Terry. The ones who support their club through thick and thin. Torres, Suarez and now sterling brought the club close to league title contention but all of them have left!! But yeah can you blame them? Every player wants to win the league at least once in his life. We all know Liverpool ain’t gonna provide that any time soon.

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