Manchester City keep on winning

By James Folsom

Manchester City look awesome! Yes they were lucky that Lukaku’s free kick didn’t result in a goal at the end of the half. But there were several times they probably should have scored but didn’t. Some of that was Tim Howard but some of that was not, such as Silva off the post and the shot into Howard’s face.That was a two on one situation and one more pass would have been an easy goal.

So all things considered City won by what they should have won by. Yes with a few breaks Everton could have won the game, but they also could have been blown out very easily. Right now City looks like a machine. I’m looking forward to watching them in the Champions League.
A shout out to Bournemouth too for their first Premier League win! How about four goals in their first win! That game wasn’t on TV here in the States so I didn’t see it, but it sounded like a great one! Congrats to Bournemouth!

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