Pedro and Courtois star as Chelsea finally win

By Shaukat Hamdani

What a debut by Pedro. Great link up with Hazard led to a great goal for Pedro that Manchester United did not need. After that a great Chelsea counter led to a great assist by Pedro that Manchester United did not need, for the Costa goal. Funny thing is Manchester United might not need Pedro but in one game he has scored as many goals as the Manchester United squad have in three games (if you don’t count own goal as a squad member).

But all this might not have happened if Courtois had not made that incredible save from a West Brom penalty. Granted James Morrison hit his penalty straight down the middle, but how many times have you seen those go straight in. A subtle movement of the legs was all that was needed by Courtois.

There are still concerns in the defense but what was that red card for Terry? Probably the softest red card ever? Funny thing is the linesman who is close to the action doesn’t flag for a foul but the ref running and trying to keep up to the play just decides what the heck lets give a red.

Great job by Chelsea shutting down the game afterwards. Conceded one more goal but that was just a great header.

3 points won, that’s what counts. And Pedro was just the icing on the cake. Onward and upward from here.


Keep the Blue flag flying High!!!

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