Here is to hoping Manchester United make it into the Champions League

By  James Folsom

Manchester United is taking on Club Brugge, whoever that is, in the Champions League today. Even though I am a City fan, and it would make me chuckle a bit if they were to choke, I still am rooting for them to make it into the Group Stage. The more Premier League sides the better. I will root for them in the Champions League even though I don’t in the EPL games.

People may think that is strange, but I do the same thing for the most part with my SEC schools here in the states. I love the the University of Florida. Therefore I root against Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Auburn and LSU during the season, in the postseason i will root for them to do well. It makes the conference look better. So good luck to Man U.
A look at the table after three weeks and as a City fan it looks pretty damned beautiful to me. My team is the only one with a perfect nine points. I hope this keeps up! How about Leicester City in second place with seven points? Who saw that happening three weeks ago?
Chelsea is down a bit right now with only four points, but look for them to get going especially with Pedro on board. He is already making them better with a goal in his first match. Wait until he gets used to his teammates. He should really make them better. I can hardly wait for Saturday!


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