Liverpool and Arsenal. offside decision in the spotlight

By  James Folsom

For a 0-0 game, that Liverpool Arsenal match was a thrill a minute. Both goalkeepers were fantastic!  So many great looks were turned away on both ends. Never would I have imagined there would be no goals in that game.

I have an idea. Let’s just get rid of the offside rule. Does anyone other than the goalies like this rule? The refs just seen to randomly call it. If the higher-ups  are worried about goals being too easily scored without the offside rule then make a rule that no offensive player can go inside the goalkeeper’s box or make the goal smaller. Either that or do nothing and force teams to keep a defender back at all times.

Arsenal probably should have won that game but for the offside call in the first half that nobody seems to agree was offside. As great of a game as that was, it is a shame that a referee decided it with a wave of a flag. If we are going to keep that rule in, can we at least go to instant replay and look at it to make sure they got the call right?



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