Manchester United through to the Uefa Champions league

By James Folsom

Congrats to Man U on their win over Club Brugge today! It was nice to see them finally put the ball in the net. This may get them going on offense when they resume Premier League play this weekend. It will be interesting to see what they do this weekend when they go on the road for the second time this week to face Swansea City.

Club Brugge is obviously undermanned here. This team would not even make the Premier League if they played in England. So will this give United a false hope that their offensive woes are fixed and then they face the Swans and find they are not? Or will this open up a flood gate and they will start scoring?
They did score 3 on Brugge last time they met and it did not seem to help so this might be the case gain. Regardless, the Group Stage just got one more Premier League team and that is a good thing. Obviously the Champions League is more exciting with Man U in it. That gives us all one more reason to get excited about the Group Stage.

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