You Will Never Walk Alone!!! but you might leave Liverpool

By Iftakhar Sheikh

You Will Never Walk Alone!!! But Liverpool players don’t seem to know the meaning of this, that’s why they are always on their way out looking for better options. Its 2015, and they know that it’s their skills that will win them trophies not their loyalty.
Fernando Torres, Charlie Adams, Luis Suarez, Raheem Sterling and now Mario Balotelli have left the club recently looking for better pastures. Although it’s just a loan move to Milan for Balotelli he seemed very happy because he might win a trophy there. Milan is like a home for all Liverpool players, both clubs have rich history but are now struggling to create impact in their respective leagues.
Eat Defeat Repeat can sum up the last 25 years for Liverpool as they come close but still they can’t make it. Even after having been blessed with players like Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez. Loyalty is not more than a word for Liverpool players or they might have learned a lesson from Gerrard who wasted his career in Anfield in Search of an EPL title.

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