Chelsea, Liverpool stunned

By James Folsom

Chelsea loses again? What is going on here? Maybe it is time to hand City the title. It looks now like it may come down the the two Derby matches. Those ought to be really intense matches.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Chelsea is learning all about this. The coach is clearly not happy about how his team is performing. He didn’t name names but he made it clear that his star players have not showed up. I hope they show up for the Champions League because the EPL does not need its defending champion to go down without a fight.
Liverpool? What happened? It’s bad enough to lose at home but to get your doors blown off like that? Really? That wasn’t Man City out there either. It was West Ham United. That was pitiful. You did realize you had a game today right?
Bournemouth and Leicester City ended in a draw. That seems right. How do you not like these two teams. Two years ago neither were in this league. Last year Bournemouth was not and Leicester was trying to avoid relegation. Look at them now. They’re both right there, Leicester is in one of the Champions League spots. It’s way early yet but that would be something if they could hang around in one of the Europa spots for a while.
What about Tottenham Hotspur? After four matches they are one point clear of the relegation zone. Not good. Yet another match where they failed to score today against Everton. Perhaps Harry Kane is not the future superstar he is reported to be?

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