Chelsea looking pathetic, as Mourinho running out of excuses

By Petko Stoyanov

Chelsea are getting more and more pathetic, who’s to blame now Jose? Eva Carneiro is not there, you already used your  Arsene Wenger and referees cards, so now what? Could it probably be your fault? When a Mourinho team is defending like a Sunday league side, you know something’s gone wrong. Ivanovic is a joke nowadays, Matic doesn’t look the same player as last year and Hazard is showing he is very far away from Messi and Ronaldo. Exciting times for anyone who despises the Portuguese translator and his Park-The-Bus tactics! Already 8 points behind City, looking terrible, they missed John Stones and you can’t really see them retaining the title. Let’s all hope this continues and the Special One celebrates Christmas with his family in Portugal. Amen!


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