Manchester United lose, Manchester City fans having a ball

By James Folsom

Manu U loses and at the same time City adds yet another weapon in De Bruyne. Can it get any better than this for City fans? Four matches in and they have not allowed a goal, have 12 points and a five point lead over Man U and a whopping eight point lead all Chelsea. It may be getting close to time to hand them the title.

Right now the other three Champions League spot would go to Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Swansea City. Who had those three in the beginning of the season? Nobody. Of course if they are still there at the turn of the calendar I will be shocked.
I know many of you are thinking “This season sucks so far. City is a runaway train going downhill.” But ( and maybe this is because I am a City fan) I think it has been GREAT! There have been upsets all over the place. Upstart teams are near the top. The defending champs are near the bottom. This is setting up to be a great race for not only the Champions League spots but also theEuropa League spots as well. Hopefully this keeps up because we will be in for some high drama.
What does adding yet another weapon mean for City? To me it signals that they are not happy with just winning the Premier League. They want the UEFA Champions League Trophy this year. Bravo on their part because while the Premier League title is great, the ultimate prize is to win the Champions League. Now, they have a real shot.




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