3 Possible Reasons Why David De Gea is still at Manchester United

By Doni June Almio

  1. The Red Devils Need a Solid Goalkeeper

Without David De Gea, the starting goalkeeper of Manchester United would have been Sergio Romero. Romero is a young, talented goalkeeper however, he still lacks the experience that a good goalkeeper must have to start in a big club like Manchester United. Coming from Sampdoria, the experience of Romero is still a little bit off and he is not yet ready for  the English Premier League. Manchester United may not have sold David De Gea for this reason. They need a solid goalkeeper for a solid season. Such commanding presence in the goalpost is not present in Sergio Romero yet. So did Manchester United leave this to the last moment intentionally? Well played Ed, well played.

  1. Purely Management Error

The internet has been predicting and has been giving hints of De Gea’s transfer to Real Madrid since last season. It is one of the most anticipated transfers of this season and it had an 80% chance of happening. However, it didn’t. The reason? It may be purely because of management error considering that the transfer was supposed to happen hours before the deadline. We may never know. Both teams seem to be blaming the other for the breakdown. What is important right now is De Gea is staying with the Red Devils and that he is staying with us in the English Premier League.

  1. It’s All About the Money

Okay this may seem to be a conspiracy theory, but it is a theory some people are talking about. Maybe Real Madrid did this intentionally to try and get DDG for free next season. It is well-known in the world of football that Real Madrid is the home for some of the big names in football – Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos, Gareth Bale and James Rodriguez. And what usually comes with these big names? Big salaries. Exactly! Real Madrid is in a tight budget and with the performance of David De Gea in Manchester United, the young Spanish goalkeeper is worth a large price. With all the big names in Real Madrid, maybe they were looking to save themselves some cash. But if this is true does DDG signing a new contract mean Madrid’s bluff was called?

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