3 reasons why Chelsea were embarrassed at Everton

By Doni June Almio

  1. What Midfield?

Seriously hurting Chelsea’s start in the English Premier League this season is their midfield. I know that this midfield had a big impact last season in helping Chelsea win the Premiership but this season, the midfield is just awful. Matic,  and Cesc Fabregas all look like they aged 10 years after winning the title last season. Mikel is not that good anymore (there is an argument to be made that he never was that good in the first place). After being crowned the champions last season the midfielders should be sharp and quick, providing cover for the defense and connecting with the attackers. However, since they lacked pace and speed in the last game the Blue midfielders were overrun by Everton.

  1. John Terry’s Old Age

Was the red card of John Terry against West Bromwich Albion worth it? Totally not! Is the continued use of John Terry as a defender worth it? Totally not! The defender’s lack of pace in the match against Everton totally affected the defensive wall of Chelsea. Nobody can handle the defensive pace like the young John Terry. The old John Terry is just too slow for the strikers in the league today. Steve Naismith easily handled the defenders of Chelsea especially John Terry. Mourinho needs to rethink the line-up of his defenders. I mean there are a lot of defenders that can fill in the gap of John Terry: Cahill, the newcomer Papy Djilobodji. Its time for John Terry to take a lesser role. He’s not getting younger.

  1. Another Defending Problem: Branislav Ivanovic

No words here. Branislav Ivanonic’s side in the defense was the reason why Steve Naismith received good passes. Ivanovic needs to step it up or he should be replaced next game.

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