Leicester City keep on flying high!!

By James Folsom

Wait. Leicester won that game? Are you kidding? I gave up and turned on the NFL pregame shows when it got to 2-0! What the hell?

Aston Villa really should have been up about 4-0 in that game they missed two point blank shots before they finally got one to go. They lived to regret not making those first two didn’t they? The first one was just jaw dropping, about two feet away and no goalie to stop it. He just missed it. Sad. The second one would have gone if the attacker just hits it ANYWHERE but straight at the goalie and guess where he sent it?
But I didn’t think Leicester had any chance. When I saw the score I was pissed off at myself for changing to the NFL game. I should have at least recorded it. I wonder if they are showing a replay? DAMN I can’t believe I missed that!

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