“Premier League the best league in the world” just got slapped in the face

By James Folsom

Well, that could not have gone any worse for the Premier League. I know a lot of fans in Manchester feel that the day was a break even day.Their team lost, but so did their big rivals, so it evens out.

I don’t feel like that. Maybe had both won I might feel a little bit more that way, but the fact that United lost just added insult to injury. OK, I’m a little bit glad they lost if City couldn’t win, but mostly I’m just bummed right now.
It really sucks that our loss was at home and that we had a lead in the second half. Then the announcers inform us that Juventus has one point in Serie A so far and I’m thinking “WTF?” You pick today to wake up?
This makes the Premier League look bad. I hope Chelsea shows up or it might get worse. At least this is in Group Stage and we have five games to try and get it going.
Damn this sucks!

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