City council lauds Manchester City’s failure to sell out stadium

The Manchester City Council is chuffed to bits by the fact that Manchester City cannot sell all its tickets for home games, even when they are playing european giants Juventus at the Etihad. “We are extremely lucky that we have a team in our city that just can’t fill its stadium to capacity and provides opportunities for tourists to come to our city and watch important games”, a source inside the council told TBZ in an exclusive interview. He added “I mean hours before kickoff they were selling tickets for 5 quid, that is great publicity for the city”.

A greater Manchester chamber of commerce official, who did not want to be named, also agreed with the City Council and pointed out that it was a great way to lure tourists and glory hunting fans to the city of Manchester. “Look the message to tourists is simple. If you want to watch a european giant play a team in England but you aren’t a season ticket holder anywhere, no worries come to Manchester we will always have space for you”, said the official adding ” And since we are able to buy trophies all the time you can even act like our fans and go on a glory hunting binge, trust me we don’t mind. The more the merrier”.

A fan outside the Etihad after the game revealed that the convenience of it all is what got her hooked. “Look it’s really convenient, no searching for tickets or anything. When I want to watch a game I just drive to the stadium from London, no worries or concern that I might miss out or not find a ticket,” she said and then added, “I used to be a Chelsea fan but they are shit this year. The transition to becoming a Man city fan was just so easy and seamless, I didn’t even have to leave my comfort zone. Both teams have blue jersey’s and both have sugar daddies. I miss the plastic flags though.”


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