Chelsea save English blushes in Europe

By James Folsom

Thank God for Chelsea or the Premier League would really be looking sad today. It’s funny how the teams doing well seem to be struggling in the Champions League and the teams struggling in league play seem to be doing well in the Champions League. Man City has been flawless in Premier League play but lost at home to Juventus, who is having a rough time in Serie A.

Then we have Man U who is doing well in the Premier League but losing in their Champions League match and Chelsea who is off to a horrid start in Premier League winning their match. Crazy.
Then there was Arsenal, but they were playing a man down for much of their match with Zagreb so maybe not surprising they lost.
I don’t want to panic because that’s only the first round of six, so plenty of games are left to play, but I was so excited two days ago and now I’m just deflated. But, we have Premier League games this weekend to get us back up again. You have to love that right.
Which brings up an interesting question. How seriously do most fans take the Champions League? Is that the ultimate prize? Or would you rather win you league championship and beat your local rivals?
 I live in the States so we don’t have anything like that over here. People here don’t care about MLS or CONCACAF unless it’s World Cup or some international competition. We’re more interested in what is going on in Europe. But we don’t know all about the local rivalries. It would seem like to us the Champions League is the biggest prize of all. Is that the case?



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