Loyal Jose a concern for Chelsea fans as Chelsea take on Arsenal

Super subs are writers who are not part of our team but write a guest post for us. This week we have @whoUthinkURiam writing about the big clash between Chelsea and Arsenal. @whoUthinkURiam is a Chelsea fan.


Big game this Saturday, Chelsea vs Arsenal. Jose vs Wenger. we all know how much they hate each other ,well we know why Wenger hates Jose, because he can’t beat him. Even though Chelsea is not the same team this year beating Arsenal should not be a problem at the bridge, but as a Chelsea fan I am not that confident this week. Here is why. Jose is very loyal to his old players and my big worry is Ivanovic playing as RB and Ramires at RW with Pedro and the overrated Willian both out. I love Jose just like any other Chelsea fan but I’m not happy with him this year. Here is why

#1 he always plays the overrated Willian,the guy plays 96 games for us and he only scores 9 goals with 6 assists. I know it’s not all about the stats but for a winger to score only 9 goals with 6 assist is a joke.

#2 Ivanovic plays all the time why Jose why?

#3 Jose would rather play Mikel or Ramires over RLC I have huge problem with that. I said before the game vs Everton Cesc and matic together in pivot role just does not work play RLC with Matic we win that game but Jose plays the slow Mikel with Matic. Guess what happen? after 20 min we are 2 down, basically the game is over.

Chelsea fans need to understand you can criticize Jose and still love him,so let me end this with my perfect lineup to beat arsenal 4-3-3 Begovic ,Azpi Zouma Cahill Baba,Matic RLC Cesc ,Oscar Costa, and Eden. By the way London is blue!!!

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