Time for Rodgers to go

Super subs are writers who are not part of our team but write a guest post for us. This week we have Hamza Najam writing during and after Liverpool’s game against Bordeaux. He as you can judge from whats written is a Liverpool fan. A frustrated one, but a hardcore fan.

Alright. The Suarez escapade was the reason why we got to 2nd place. I am feeling like Rodgers had nothing to do with it. Once he left, we have been lacking. Lacking at the attacking front. Went from 103 scored and 42 conceded to a -3 goal difference. This season looked promising but is now shit. Two losses on the trot in the EPL and as I watch this game with Bordeaux … FML. This is such a lethargic useless team. No one can defend. No one can attack. What the f**K are we doing?… I think it’s time. It really is.‪#‎brendanout‬… It needs to happen. Like wtf? As I type this Bordeaux could have scored.. Open net..Sooooo yeah. Rogers out. TEAM HAS NO SHAPE NO PRESSURE.


Time for Rodgers to go?

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