Costa lucky to stay on pitch as Chelsea beat Arsenal again

By James Folsom

I hate this playing a man down over someone getting their feelings hurt. Maybe it’s the American in me but unless someone throws a punch there is no need to eject him from the game. In the Arsenal Chelsea game Gabriel got ejected for what? I didn’t see anything. Now Arsenal has to play a man down the entire second half? Way to decide the outcome Mr. Ref.
The integrity of the game should be most important. If you want to get control of the match by throwing someone off, then kick both men out. But if anyone deserves to be kicked out it was Costa. That was just ridiculous. And now the announcers are saying he gets a three game ban for that? Are you freaking kidding me?
In hockey these guys get in a fight and throw actual punched and get sent off for five minutes. These rules are BS. What happens if a guy throws a punch? A lifetime ban? Does he go to prison? Give me break here.
There is another rule in football I do not like. I hate offsides. That rule is stupid. If you lose a guy you’re supposed to be guarding and the offense gets him the ball and he scores, you shouldn’t get bailed out by the ref. It also seems they call it sometimes and then sometimes they let it go and even the announcers often times disagree with the call. It’s too arbitrary. Just get rid of it, open up the game a bit. What’s wrong with more scoring?



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