Chelsea need a win at Newcastle to prove that they are truly back

By Shaukat Hamdani

There has been talk that Chelsea are back in form after three wins in three games. I am confident that we are but to make it certain we have to beat Newcastle. I know they have been our bogie team but they really are looking really bad even worse then manchester city in Europe. So we should be able to win this one easily.

The reason I say we need to win this to make sure that we are back in form is that the three games we have won are games we should have one regardless. So they might not be the best games to judge Chelsea on. The first was a game against a team from Tel Aviv. Which as was expected was a piece of cake.

Then it was Jose’s favorite opponents. An Arsenal team coached by the specialist in failure, yours truly Arsene Wenger. To think he actually said before the game that the community shield win meant that Arsenal had gotten over there mental block, lol. This fixture has always been a game between men and kids. Actually not even kids more like toddlers.

Then there was the capital one cup game against a team I had never heard of before. So like I said we really haven’t been tested. Considering Newcastle is where we usually stumble this game will be a true test of our resurgence.

With Costa out due to Arsenal’s crying and all it will be interesting to see who Jose gives a start. Remy or Falcao? Also after a good performance against Arsenal Ivanovic was back to his woeful form midweek. Actually one cannot say with any certainty if Ivanovic was good against Arsenal or if Sanchez sucked so bad that he made Ivanovic look like the best right back ever.

So it will be interesting to see if he starts or Baba does. Many questions for Jose to answer to be fair. Does Zouma play or does he go back to the Terry Cahill partnership? I am pretty sure Loftus Cheek will be a sub with Cesc and Matic starting. Hazard and Oscar should also start with the interesting question being does Willian come back, is Pedro fit enough to start or does Kennedy get the nod after a great midweek performance.

Whatever the team be it should be good enough to keep the blue flag flying high.


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