No Surprises as Tottenham lose to Arsenal yet again, lol

By Vasil Atanasov

It was not at all surprising that Tottenham lost yet another game against Arsenal, but to concede two goals from the most average of defensive midfield players, who hasn’t even played a competitive game in months, must be a new low even for them. I would imagine that game-winning volley will leave a bad taste for generations to come. It wasn’t the most tragic game Tottenham have played over the years, but it just seems it’s part of their DNA to lose to Arsenal in the most comic of fashions. After two league titles won by the Gunners on their ground, they will now have to swallow the fact that even Mathieu Flamini can turn into Zinedine Zidane when it matters against them. Worst part for them is that they even can’t do a DVD of the game because of Gibbs’ goal-line clearance. I doubt they will find too much motivation for the rest of the season, from a tracksuit-wearing Argentine manager, whose command of the English language is just a tad better than that of Van Gaal. Looks like it will be another year of agony for Tottenham fans, as their England striker Harry Kane prepares for a string of sleepless nights knowing Flamini has scored more goals than him at White Hart Lane this season.

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