Chelsea can’t even beat Newcastle United lol

By Iftakhar Sheikh

You couldn’t ask for more if you are a Chelsea fan, a draw is good for the Blues because Chelsea is no longer a giant in the EPL as they were seen struggling against Newcastle who are 19th in the table.
Winless but not lifeless as Newcastle manages to sneak one point out of their fixture against Last Year’s Winner Chelsea. It was easier than they thought actually with the champions defense torn into pieces by Newcastle as they found themselves two nil up against Blues in the 60th minute. This caused the “Genius Jose” to awake from his nap and changing things. He brought Willian, and then he thought something is missing and at the same moment he saw Ramires sitting on the Bench he smiled and brought him in. First Ramires scored and then Willian.
After all a Genius is a Human first, Jose could have won it easily but then he thought of 40 thousand Newcastle fans that came to see the best ever, better then Ronaldo Eden Hazard playing in their hometown. So Jose made sure they did not go home empty handed.

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