Manchester City sinking, as they get spanked by Tottenham Hotspur

By James Folsom

How quickly a season can turn. Five games into the Premier League season it looked like Man City was going to cruise to the championship and be a contender in the Champions League. Then two second half Juventus goals later and they have fallen apart completely. Their defense has become porous. They cannot get a shot off. They are unrecognizable.

Who were these guys who played at Tottenham? Where was Kompany? Joe Hart? Silva? And now Toure is hurting too? With the two games a week portion of the schedule now, this is not a good time for all these injuries. City could find themselves out of the Champions League this season and next season if they don’t get healthy soon.
But this still does not excuse the easy goals they gave up against the Spurs. People were standing around and watching on the first one right before halftime. On the second one the goalkeeper completely botched that one. By the third one it looked like they just gave up. Not a good time to be a City fan.

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