Chelsea miss important player Mike Dean, as they fail to beat Newcastle

By Petko Stoyanov

After cheating their way to victory against Arsenal and demolishing some nobodies in CL, Chelsea was expected to start a winning run and beat the struggling Newcastle too. Well, guess what – without their best player Mike Dean, they are worthless. Especially when the have to play 11 vs 11. It is hard to say what’s more pathetic – the constant bullshit that cunt Mourinho is constantly delivering, or their defense. Once again he had to disrespect the other team and even managed to attack Arsene Wenger. Special one, yeah, right, a special kind of cunt, terrible loser and a joker that has no place in English football and probably in football in general. Let’s hope he ends up being sacked by January, his players are certainly doing great in that regard!

The best things is that he is being let down exactly by what he is supposed to do best as Chelsea are so bad at the back. Every winger in the League wants to play Ivanovic these days and the centre backs are making a howler after howler! It is great to watch, it is great to see Mourinho mad and with the transfer window closed till January, he won’t be able to buy his way out of this one! Let’s hope he is gone by then!


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