Liverpool get much needed win as Rodgers looks safe for now

By Vasil Atanasov

Brendan Rodgers looks to be safe for another weekend after a nail-biting Liverpool win against Aston Villa at the weekend. It will surely be enjoyable for the fans that the team got three points, but I am sure they are also facing the fact there wasn’t too much to brag about in this victory. Liverpool’s defending still looks as shambolic as ever under Rodgers allowing a striker from Benin, who has only played in the Championship before, to score two goals. Good news for Liverpool was that Aston Villa are a train wreck, as well. Tim Sherwood is definitely starting to lose the plot there and he looks more and more desperate each game. I guess we can say that Liverpool have some offensive potential with the return of Sturridge and the in-form Coutinho, but will it be enough to get them back in the Champions’ League? I would place a bet on their defending letting them down in most games. The way they play, I am sure Liverpool fans are looking at the upcoming fixtures and only finding comfort in a Palace home game, which in any case will be a tricky affair. Despite the win, I don’t see a consistent improvement for Liverpool coming and the team looks like it’s just another Sturridge injury away of dropping below the Europa League places.


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