Manchester United top of the table, but for how long?

By Vasil Atanasov

Man United moved to top spot at the weekend following a what their fans called it – an assured performance. It is plainly visible that the club has taken a lot of wrong decisions since the retirement of Ferguson and so it is understandable that their fans are now jumping with joy that they are finally top of the table after two and a half years. Sure, it will most probably be short-lived as it was fueled by a win against a very poor Sunderland side and the heroics of a recently unknown 19-year-old Frenchman. The formula doesn’t spell consistency, does it? All in all, it will be hard to convince fans of other clubs that Man United have looked anywhere near stable. Defeats like the ones at Swansea and PSV will inevitably come, even Van Gaal admitted it in an attempt to secure himself from the upcoming failures. Injuries are also starting to pile up, so I doubt they will be able to maintain their form. It is hilarious to see their fans talking of challenging for the title and Martial being the new Henry, but I guess after 15 years of cheating their way to success with Ferguson at their helm, they are used to expecting only good times. However, they must face the fact that their club have done a ton of wrong decisions, their multi-million pound spending on flops looks to be as chaotic as ever and if they think Memphis and Martial will bring them many cups in the long run, they have another thing coming.

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