Arsenal hit a new low as they get shocked in Europe

By Petko Stoyanov

Arsenal hit a new low even by its own standards. Losing at home against Olympiacos? Ahahahah, how bad is that! And of course, let’s not forget the Gunners took a beating in Zagreb in the first Champions League week and the best is yet to come as they face Bayern twice in a row now! Imagine Lewandowski and company playing against that Sunday league defense from last night!

Arsene Wenger has really made the club look like a joke in Europe, yeah, he reached a record consecutive years reaching the group stage, but what is the point in playing in a competition you can’t win? For years they admittedly had tough draws, but remember last year? Monaco came to the Emirates and won 3:1! Even Anderlecht scored three goals there, and this year Olympiacos did the same.

It was especially funny to see Ospina giving his best Almunia impression conceding directly from a free kick! If just Arsenal had a solid, world-class goalkeeper … oh, wait – they DO! Nice job resting Petr Cech, Arsene, this really worked well for your team! And what about that third goal, it was a thing of real beauty! From the way Bellerin just let his man pass him to the absent Mertesacker. Well done, Arsenal, well done!

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