Manchester City win, but remain far from convincing in Europe

By James Folsom

Man City pulls one out of their butts but they probably should have lost. Joe Hart saved four shots in the game that had every right to go in and then they get bailed out on a penalty just before the 90th minute.

Earlier City missed point blank shots left and right. They can’t keep their stars on the pitch. No Kompany and no Toure in the second half. They should just scrap the remaining Champions League games and concentrate on the Premier League from now on. It’s hard to believe this team was once 5-0-0.

Or maybe this will kick them in the butts and restart their season? Let’s hope so.
The entire Premier League is embarrassing in this competition. If they want to be considered the best league in Europe somebody had better step up in this tournament, Last year was bad enough, but if all four Premier League teams finish out of the Knockout Stage,they will have a tough time living it down.

The Premier League is getting embarrassed in the Champions League. I know many English fans don’t care as much about this as fans in other countries, but soon if the EPL teams don’t perform better, they will say it’s because our teams suck.

Arsenal losing at home to at team that was 0-12  in England and had been outscored 3-37 is just wrong. But to tie the game and before the fans had a chance to stop clapping, give up the game winner is just shameful.

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