Liverpool draw means more English misery in Europe

By James Folsom

Just when we had a little bit of momentum with Wednesday’s Manchester sweep in the Champions League, along comes Liverpool who can only draw with some team nobody has ever heard of on a goal that really should not have counted. Whew!

What is the problemwith Premier League teams in the European competitions for the past few seasons? Is it that other European clubs really get fired up to play them? Of course. There is always that “we want to beat the best” thing when unknown teams are playing supposed big time teams.
Is it that the EPL teams don’t care as much about the Champions League and Europa League as other countries? One could make that argument. There is so much pressure to with the Premier League that is has to be tough to get up for a midweek game against some foreign team.
But it could just be a cyclical thing. Man U has been down a bit and they are the Bayern Munich or the Barcelona of the Premier League. How would La Liga be doing iif Barca or Real Madrid were slipping?
Also, the Premier League is the toughest league from top to bottom in the world. Juventus players admitted as much after they beat Manchester City. So the EPL teams have a tough schedule with playing a tough opponent on the weekend then one of the toughest from another league during the week.
So why is England struggling? All of the above.

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