Mourinho the 3-1

By Iftakhar Sheikh

Arsene Wenger, the tactical one. Manuel Pallegreni the Genius One. Van Gaal the philosophical one.

Klopp the normal one. And Mou 3-1.

It’s been a disaster for Mou this season. The man just never used to lose at home until last season. It’s

traumatizing looking at the way his team is playing. Nobody knows what’s happening for sure.

Has he lost the influence on the players, has he lost his tactics. Has he lost his typical cleverness?

Nobody knows for sure.

Mourinho lost just 21 games in his last time out with Chelsea. While he has already lost 24 games this

term, everything has fallen apart for him. Nothing is going right. Even fate and luck look to be against


If Mourinho plans to turn this back on track and enhance his reputation he needs to act and act quickly.

A top four finish is challenging yet achievable. If he turns this around he needs to turn it quickly.

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