Sergio Aguero on fire as Manchester City destroy Newcastle

By James Folsom

WOW! Sergio Aguero! A hat trick is three goals. What do we call five? A Sombrero? A fedora? What an amazing performance from a guy who couldn’t buy one earlier in the year. My fear now is he used them all up in one glorious 20 minute stretch.

As a City fan I was a bit angry at the start of the game and at halftime I changed the channel to college football. I was a little late changing it back, which normally doesn’t mean all that much in a soccer game. But in under ten minutes the score went from 1-1 to 4-1. What the hell?? Then two more followed right after that.
Hopefully that will get City going again. At halftime I was convinced that Vincent Kompany should be the MVP this year just because of how bad City has been without him. I feel a bit better now.

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