Brendan Rodgers FULL STATEMENT as edited by TBZ

I (along with every non liverpool fan, manager, official, owner in the Barclays Premier league) am of course, incredibly disappointed to be leaving Liverpool Football Club. It has been both an honour and a privilege to manage one of the game’s great clubs for the last three years.

I have worked every day to represent the club to the best of my ability (and as you can see I have failed), to develop both individual players and a team that the club’s magnificent fans can be proud of. There have been some very memorable moments during my time at Liverpool (no I am not talking about Gerrard slipping ffs) and I would like to thank all of the players for their hard work (basically just Suarez cause he made me look like a superstar) and commitment.

The current squad is one in transition (like it has been for the previous 20 odd years) , but they have some real talent (Coutinho) and are showing a strong sense of togetherness (yeh that’s a dig at Sterling, I hope Coutinho doesn’t leave though). I expect to see them continue to grow and develop over the coming weeks and I wish them and my successor (KLOPP) well for the rest of the season.

Liverpool has a magnificent football heritage (actually that is all they have) and I have nothing but respect and admiration for the history, tradition and values that make the city and the club so exceptional (so exceptional at not winning and living in the past).

As well as my players, I would like to thank everyone connected with the club; Fenway Sports Group, the Liverpool Directors, in particular Ian Ayre, my coaching staff, the staff throughout the club, the volunteers, the Academy staff and its young players and of course the amazing Liverpool fans for their unwavering support, passion and dedication which has made my time at the club so special (See I just showed A LOT of “Character” writing this).

Finally, I would like to give a special mention to John W. Henry, Tom Werner and Mike Gordon. They gave me this great opportunity and even though we will no longer be working together I am sure our relationship and friendship will continue into the future (Please add me on Facebook and LinkedIn).

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