Liverpool board show “character” and sack Rodgers

By Vasil Atanasov

Liverpool were average once again, did not win and now their manager has been given the sack. This was a long time coming since there was no one who actually believed the club would ever show signs of confidence and consistency under Brendan Rodgers. The same mistakes were made once again and this time Sturridge couldn’t bail out the defence. It was just a recipe for disaster with Liverpool these past two seasons and because the manager never showed anyone that he could turn it around, the board has shown some of Rodgers’ famous great character and given him the boot. Liverpool fans are now excited about the prospect of a manager such as Jurgen Klopp or Carlo Ancelloti taking over. If I was a Liverpool fan, I would be more concerned about the current state of policy in the club. World class managers demand control over all matters, I don’t imagine how Ancelloti would bend to the statistical analysis and suggestions of a transfer committee full of people with questionable football reputation. It might be high time for Liverpool to take a good long look at the system the club is operating under and make a change there. Otherwise, managers will come and go as they have in the past ten years and the position of the club will hardly look stronger.

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