Mesmerizing Arsenal catch Manchester United with their pants down

By Vasil Atanasov

Pace. Desire. Ruthless efficiency. Arsenal gave a mesmerizing first-half performance on Sunday, which caught United completely off guard. Van Gaal looked totally clueless and the tactics he employed actually helped Arsenal. Darmian, who we must admit has had a decent start to the season, was absolutely destroyed by Alexis Sanchez. Daley Blind is usually a stable addition to the squad, despite not being a natural centre-back, but he was all over the place as well. Arsenal pressed high up the pitch, showed more desire in the tackles and for the opening twenty minutes were absolutely unplayable going forward. Not even David de Gea could help the situation. So, as many predicted, United’s reign at the top was very short-lived and after a performance like that, the football world is left wondering how did they ever get 16 points so far. Rooney continues his poor from and the Martial sensation is quickly drifting away and it sure tells a lot when you are 3 – 0 down and you can only bring in Valencia and Fellaini. Man United fans must be wondering what has the manager actually bought with the millions and millions of pounds paid for transfer fees.

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