Mourinho looking like a Clown as he uses every excuse in the world

By Vasil Atanasov

What a joy it is for the non-Chelsea supporting football fans to witness Mourinho’s downfall. It is clear for everyone that he cannot handle a bad spell and is looking more and more like the village clown. He has used every excuse in the world of football and even turned on his own staff and players. It is not surprising at all that the only player to escape Jose’s ranting is Diego Costa, whose antics on the pitch may well be the only way Chelsea can win a game this season. Fans have quickly forgotten last season and are now slowly turning against their “special manager” and the team’s leaders, who in fairness have had an abysmal season. The likes of Ivanovic, Matic, Hazard and Fabregas have been absolutely average. In any case, Chelsea are still champions and to see the reactions of managers, fans and players only serves to show how classless the football club is. Everyone there is used to wining and when the first signs of turmoil come the finger-pointing starts. It is clear that Mourinho is only a fan favorite when he is winning football matches, because when he’s not, what else is he good for? Does not look after the well-being of the club, does not blood young players into the team, he only consumes resources trying to win games any way possible. He is now in a mess of his own making and it will be absolutely hilarious to watch him clutching at straws.

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