Rodgers sacked but how safe is Jose really?

By James Folsom

So we are eight games into the season and we have our first manager fired as Liverpool has given Rodgers his walking papers. Liverpool fans have to be irritated that teams such as Leicester City who two years ago were not even in the Premier League two years ago are ahead of them. But with 30 games still to go isn’t this a bit early for this move? Maybe the draw with the scrub team in the Europa League was the final straw.

Who will be the next to go? How about Mourinho at Chelsea? Can Chelsea fire their manager so soon after winning the championship? I wouldn’t think so. He’d have to have more than eight games after winning it all. He has been publicly backed by the board but after 20 games if Chelsea is still this awful, then perhaps they may have to make a move. It’s normal for teams to drop off a bit after winning a championship, but not like this. I can’t recall ever seeing a champion in any sport come back the following year and be this bad unless it was a situation like the Florida Marlins in 1997 when they broke up the team completely.

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