Is this the new normal for Chelsea?

By Petko Stoyanov

Chelsea were terrible once again and got completely outplayed! This is at least the sixth or seventh time since the start of the season this sentence is true, and it’s not surprising anymore. That’s right, we are getting used to seeing the Blues play like shite and get beaten around by pretty much everyone.

The latest team to make fun of them was Southampton, who won 3:1 at Stamford Bridge! It was lovely, from the pathetic once again Ivanovic (keep trusting him, Jose), through the comically inept skipper John Terry to the toothless attacking display of the team as a whole. Yeah, I almost forgot to mention Matic came on HT and was substituted 28 minutes later … Great man management for Mourinho, and after blaming Arsene Wenger, the FA and Eva Carneiro, he is now starting to take it to his player.

No wonder they seem like they don’t really care what’s happening on the pitch. But the most pathetic thing was the 7-minute rant after the game. It was a thing of beauty and nothing speaks more loudly how afraid the Portuguese is than this! He actually challenged Abramovic on TV and started saying how great he was. Just a hint Jose – when you need to point out to people that you are the greatest, you probably aren’t. I am not really sure what I want more right now, to see him sacked or to see him stay and reach rock bottom!

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