Three reasons Jurgen Klopp to Liverpool should have fans over the moon.

By Doni June Almio

  1. Renewed Confidence

Jurgen Klopp is one of the world’s best football managers. He led Borussia Dortmund  to many victories including 2 Bundesliga trophies, a DFB-Pokal, 3 DFL-Supercups, and 1 UEFA Champion’s League runner-up honors. So Jurgen Klopp is basically more than capable of handling a big club such as Liverpool. With all of these honors in such a short time of being the manager of Borussia Dortmund, he can certainly give Liverpool fans high hopes. Under a new management, the Liverpool players may definitely find what they are looking for: a new system that can survive without their player who left such as Steven Gerrard. This way of thinking may give the Liverpool players a renewed confidence that was somehow broken by their poor start in the 2015-2016 season knowing that their new manager can lead them to new heights in the league. Well, Borussia Dortmund was in 13th place when Klopp took over as its manager. Let’s see what he can do to Liverpool.

  1. Spotting of Young Talents

Lewandowski, who used to play under Klopp said that one of the best quality of Jurgen Klopp is to discover young talents. A big example of this would be the rise of Mario Gotze. According to Lewandowski, Klopp can determine the potential of young talents and what such new talent may contribute to the squad. This may give Liverpool a new pool of talents that may come from its academy. Liverpool’s academy is one of the biggest academies in England and the homes to talents such as Steven Gerrard. Considering the number of young talents here, Klopp may spot a lot of rough diamonds that may be developed to become future legends of Liverpool.

  1. Motivational Speeches

Klopp is known to be a man of big impact not only to the players but also to the fans of Borussia Dortmund. Klopp is a big talker. He gives inspirational speeches to players. He uses the emotion of the bench players to impact the game. He is very open to media and gives speeches that make the fans more inspired to support their club. The support of the fans is very important to a club as it motivates them to win.

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